Lili in Wonderland

OK. I’m officially having one of the weirdest days ever.
For one thing, I just saw a rabbit on my walk back to the office from erranding. Just hopped into the bushes like that 4′ patch of greenspace was it’s own acre.
A little disconcerted by that oddness, I walk along the path and up to my building…
…where two guys who I’m guessing work for Pfizer are loading a car. The company uses the top 2 floors of the building I work in – we hear people in the elevator talking about shooting TV commercials blah blah.
Lots of super-slick marketeers that make me wanna yack in general and the plastic girls with their rolly suitcases are always astonished when I hold the doors for them (somehow giving me the impression that they sure as heck wouldn’t consider doing the same for me). Now I say all of this as a gross over-generalization, because one of the sweetest funniest girls in my yoga class works for them, too… so I know they aren’t all snobs. (Just most….)

Anyway, these 2 youngish guys (~mid 20s~mid 30s? not sure) are schmoozing along all slick – loading up a car with printed advert signs for a trade show or something. They turn & start to do the obvious “arrogant guys checking out the girl in a red dress walking by” routine, and I’m just trying not to bust up laughing in their faces.
I’m not ever that cruel, even if I find a guy distasteful, I’m getting relatively good at the nod-smile-notachance walk-on-by thing. I didn’t stop…. but I don’t know if I pulled off any level of equanimity whatsoever.

Apparently, they thought they were cool enough or cute enough or something enough to overcome the fact that they were both holding up (in front of their chests like they were placards – the veritable poster-boys !!! ) very nice eye-catching bright blue graphic
advertisements for Viagra!
…time to go have lunch before I start hallucinating and things go all Lewis Carroll.

What do you think?

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