5 really weird things you didn’t know about me:

  • I get excited about getting snail mail every day even if it’s bills or junk.
  • I can’t use an electric can opener (I have been taught. Still can’t.)
  • I have double-jointed wrists, so I can touch my inner arm with the fingers on the same hand.
  • Born to navigate & ride shotgun (having been road-trip trained since age seven), I really like looking at maps. I also find it loads of fun to get lost and explore. I get into old maps or world maps or nerdy maps of things like LEC territorial boundaries. (GOOGLE EARTH ROCKS MY WORLD!!)
  • Of all spiritual and psychological forces, I believe most in the power of the subconscious mind and the inevitability of self-fulfilling prophecy. When I catch myself “waiting for the other shoe to drop” in my life, I’ve come to understand that I must know that there is no other shoe (or I would ultimately create one). I call this the “1-legged God”.

What do you think?

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