Artsyish – the 1st wall

This was the very first “decorating” idea I had in my house…

the plan had been to create a vertical stripe, that from a distance may or may not be discernible as words – just vague color.

I think it’s always pretty clearly words, even from the other room, but I still consider it a success.

My eye catches different bits of the text each day. I like being inspired by some part or another each time I walk into the room!

Other completed projects around the homestead include a multimedia collage that includes 6 prints from an etching class in college; creating paper shades for a funky spidery pole lamp that coordinate with my house better than the orginial ones; painting a wall in the dining room yellow (and if ya ain’t figured out by now that it’s my favorite color…).

Current projects include: multimedia sewing, fabric, paint “tapestry” project to go over the fireplace (imagery of tree of life, balance of masculine & feminine archetypes, plus a taste of the turn of the century “sampler” idea); refinishing and restaining a ladderback chair I bought at the Lakewood market for $15; massive gardening and outdoor plans that I’m not sure how much I will be doing when just yet – depends on finances, timing, and gumption……

Projects are fun. I find it is important to have various kinds of projects underway simultaneously because they each suit a different mood or energy. For instance, wall-painting is big & broad expansive energy, where embroidery requires the same feel for color and texture but on a miniscule and detailed scale….


What do you think?

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