this morning’s 2-block, head-back, belly laugh:

A lot of the neighborhood kids know who I am. They run down the road to greet me and give me hugs each evening on my way home from work. We play with paint and sidewalk chalk together.

When I left the house at 6:45 & saw a school bus at the corner, I knew it was likely that some were there.

From about half a block away I recognized 7-year-old Delilah at the same moment she noticed me approaching. She paused at the open bus door, and I could see the gears turning in her head.

I was still too far away for her to make a break for it to get a hug. Her 2 siblings were already on the bus.

I wasn’t speeding up at all (trying not to encourage her) … finally, she decided against it & boarded the bus.

I’d gotten almost directly across the street from the motionless bus, and could see that all 3 kids were in seats immediately behind the bus driver.

Instantly, I saw little faces in the windows and several merrily waving hands. You know I gave them a huge grin and waved right back !!!

At this point, the big guy driving the bus raises his palm slowly

…his hand

… a broad question mark.


What do you think?

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