Lingo takes the Plunge

OK, this is just too silly. This dog just got a drain-clogger of a bath last weekend (Memorial Day) Dosed up with Advantage and the works. He’s been shedding nice, soft, shampoo-smelling hairs all week!This past weekend, I rented a car to be able to run errands, and he was really cute – he was SO excited just to see a car in the driveway!

He was knew he was going to get to go on a car ride.

We checked out the Reynolds Memorial Nature Preserve and REALLY enjoyed it. A short drive away, and we were in the woods! We got a few comments – he was taking me for a walk/jog. He didn’t pull on the leash, though – we both enjoy a quick pace.

Usually, in order to get him to go swimming, you have to play fetch or something to lure him into water. He tends to ignore a lapping pond shore.

When we passed the “big pond” on our left, I was gazing off to the right watching butterflies, of all things.

Because he was being very well-behaved, I didn’t have him leashed in – he was most of the full 16′ of the rectractable from me.

You see this coming, don’t you? With the inevitable “Sploosh!!” – in went the dog. He just waded into the water and took off paddling!! I felt bad having the leash hooked to his collar, and didn’t want to hurt him to get him back to me, so I started calling him back up onto the shore. Nothing doing! First of all, he probably didn’t ‘get’ that I was calling him, because I was laughing hysterically.

He was really cute – rearing up in the water occasionally to splash at the surface of the pond with his paws and make big waves of water shoot upward – which he then snapped at to playfully “drink”! I wondered vaguely if he was going to smell bad now, and then saw a fish swim by at the shallows. *sigh*

At this point the little flock of Canadian Geese had converged on him, and were threateningly beginning to surround him where he was goofing around, so he decided it was time to get back up on shore with me.Stinky dog has returned in all his pond-water glory!


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