Never drink the same Beer twice

Similar to my Netflix enjoyment of identifying my opinions of things – through all of 2006, I’ve endeavored to never drink the same beer twice.

Now that it’s ’07 I’m relaxing a bit on that, going back to the favorites as the mood strikes me.

However, here are the results of the 2006 “never drink the same beer twice” challenge: I prefer stouts and lagers to ales, but sometimes those make me happy. I tend toward imports.

My Top 5 BEERS:

  1. Old Engine Oil – Two words for why I can’t get over this stuff: CHOCOLATE BEER.
  2. McChouffe – High-gravity Belgian with a smooth flavor and no serious hangover. One glass alone is a good, hearty precurser to karaoke or other foolishness.
  3. Negro Modelo – My Mexican restaurant choice. No lime necessary!
  4. Atlanta on-tap selection is Stella Artois. One of the few beers I really enjoy that I can get draft in most of the bars I visit with any regularity.
  5. Andechs Monestery Helles (Blonde) brew – I had this at the Monestery itself just south of Munich, Germany. I can’t wait to go back and try the Dunkel (Brunette). It was the best of the best, but I have only had it once, and availability for habitual testing must factor into my ratings…

What do you think?

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