Keesli Moloko

The words Keesli Moloko are an anglicized phonetic spelling of the Russian words “sour” and “milk”, translated together in context as “Yogurt”.

Which is no better name for a cat than “boots” or “mittens” would be, but far more suitable for a pet in my household, as well as for her true disposition.

She almost died when she was a 1/2 lb. of kitten fluff… the remnants of that long, long story being that she still has a chronic sinus problem. You can hear her heavy breathing from a room away, and she sneezes. Often. Productively.Of course she’s endured such nicknames as “Sneezli” and “Snotty Cat”, but I don’t think she minds much.

You see, in addition to being constantly stuffy-nosed, she’s also pretty consistently stupid. I do mean that in the kindest, most loving and affectionate way possible! (My dog is dumb, and I love him for it, why not my little brain damaged cat?)

She’s like a heavy-breathing teddy bear, more than a cat, really. Very affectionate and sweet. (She is even down with kitty hugs and belly-rubs!) Everyone who meets her remembers and adores her (and remembers her even more after they’ve been graced with a line of snot and snittle at having been sneezed upon)… of my three pets, she’s by far the favorite among guests.

Brett likes to tell a particular story about how when his son was about 2 or 3 if you’d asked Ethan what sound a kitty makes, rather than the anticipated “meow” he hissed… (got to love that honesty)…

A new chapter was added when the three of us were singing “Old McDonald” last night in the car, when the farmer had a kitty, Brett made hissing noises, I did the perfunctory meowing, and then Ethan piped in with the sound effect of a sneeze….

Keesli has claimed another hapless victim. He’s in her clutches now.


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