NEED: Wireless Hedge-Clippers

Now that Ethan’s in school and Brett’s spending all day at the house, I’ve left him a list of things that I’d appreciate help with around the house.

Today, he decided to check off “clip hedges and bushes in front yard”….

From: Brett
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 1:09 PM

I have been busy today. Here is what I have done today:

  1. I got up around 9ish or so.
  2. showered, shaved, all that good stuff.
  3. Answered some emails
  4. Prepped for interview this afternoon
  5. bought dutch chocolate ice cream and magic shell (I’m PMSing, so this is survival instinct)
  6. got the clippers and rake
  7. went to town on the porch bushes
  8. got out the ladder to get them all
  9. trimmed the top of the bushes
  10. clipped the bushes between us and the next door nieghbor
  11. raked up the clippings from his side of the hedge
  12. did finishing touches on his side of the hedge
  13. cut the extension cord in two
  14. finished raking up the clippings on his side.
  15. put all the clippings in the compost pile
  16. flipped the fuses back on
  17. put the severed head of the cord in the car so I can replace it
  18. email you

Even more hilarious is the fact that the whole reason I own those hedge clippers is because Julie’s ex-husband had severed the cord for them aeons ago, and she has used a landscaping service since their divorce. So they were sitting – cut-corded – in her garage for years……..


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