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I know it looks like I’ve been blogging sporadically since 2005… (and with amazingly few comments!!?) but I just signed up for this account tonight.

In truth, I’m dismantling my homepage, and I’ve got all these things saved there that I don’t want to lose. The new homepage will be about my career goals – yoga instruction and writing – and will be where my business cards send people to find out more about my work.

While I’m not embarassed by the silly personal essays about my pets, I also don’t think they have a place on the new site. So, I’m separating them out and recreating here. This way, I have someplace informal and simple to be able to update and keep track of all of them.

Unless I dated the original story (some I did because they began their lives as emails to dear friends) I’m having to guesstimate the actual dates.

Don’t be surprised if more and more old posts are added in and updated as I get some more of this work done. I intend to flesh it out as I go along to be able to have everything in a single place.


What do you think?

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