I don’t get sick.

I don’t get sick.

My body will catch the stray virus here or there, but I’ve gotten so used to listening to it, that the instant my sinuses start draining I do two things immediately: start taking Zicam (zinc derivative that kicks any cold’s assterisk!) and start sleeping more.

Yesterday, I felt achey in strange places (e.g. the muscles across the backs of my fingers), and as much as I wanted to get up and do things, I felt weak and sweaty the moment I sat upright. So I generally loafed around the house, and am doing the same thing today (except I’m allowing myself to sit upright in front of the PC).

The “fever” feelings I had yesterday were the sort that I know I could push through. I would probably go to work feeling like I do today. Not I should, mind you. But I would.

(enter the rant about how women are socialized to continue beating our bodies into submission when we get sick because there are social roles to fulfill, and “if we don’t do it who will?”…the answer is – either (a) it can wait, or (b) someone else, if you ask for help.)

Today, I’m still a little weak feeling (I keep wondering if the temperature in the house has shot to inordinately high temperatures). As long as I continue to take it easy, by tomorrow I can tell I’ll be closer to 90%.

For now, I’m going to go watch a movie and work on my 3000-piece puzzle.


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