Randomest Blog yet

So my neighbor heard how much my boyfriend liked playing with their Wii, and since they have family visiting from out of town decided to loan the thing to Brett… I’ve been staring at him playing “Zelda: the Twilight Princess” for several hours, and I have started thinking in terms of “smash that jar” and “ooh! what’s in there?” throughout the house.

So I shut the door and am trying to accomplish something meaningful instead. Which means I’m playing solitaire games on the PC rather than doing much else productive.

I just offered my first thing on the area “Freecycle” list after watching the posts for the better part of a week. it’s very cool. and fun. watching all of the free stuff changing hands rather than waiting for a yard sale. But now I’m overwhelmed by all the responses! Going to have to figure out how to deal with that one…. on the upside, I am happy with how that will work out for the rest of the stuff that’s still up in my attic. What a great clutter-clearer!

I’m trying not to go nutty with the stuff I need to do, taking things one step at a time…

“Ohh!? I wonder what’s over there?”


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