Not stuffing myself = MORE LEFTOVERS!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Taking a few moments in between “to do”s and projects on my only real “day off” this weekend. I enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with Brett and his family yesterday. And I’m bound to have a great weekend with Brett and Ethan… but for tonight, just for right now, I have a few hours all to myself. It feels marvelous.

I’m thankful that my life is full, rich and abundant with those things of real value in this world: Friends and Family who love me, and who I love. That overall we are a healthy bunch, and certainly a happy one. I am grateful for everything in hearth & home: my pets, my house, all of the little things that make life special and worth enjoying.

If you ever need a breath of fresh thanks, I recommend this site – Gratefulness has gotten me through many a blue day.


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