GSU Holiday Iron Pour

This is a photo of my 2006 “Sunrise” Iron Pour. I also did one that just said “Know thyself” for Brett’s office at the time.

Ethan and I painted this one a while ago.

Sigh I should take a photo of it…

I tried to get him to help me make the fields green, and he went with red instead, explaining it was “Hot lava”. I recall going through a phase of “hot lava” obsession when I was a child (mine involved a complex “can’t touch the floor” game that ranged from one end of the house to the other) and his has been sparked and further abetted due to Star Wars Episode Three.

Ethan enjoyed painting that so much that he frequently looks around my house for other likely objects to paint. We managed to get him to help out with a dozen nutcracker ornaments for Christmas this year, and you’d better believe we showed up to the GSU Holiday Iron Pour last weekend.

(We’d originally planned to take him along, but alas, he had a schedule conflict :-7 . . . Kids!)

Brett made his own 4″-square mold that just said “Ethan”. For my part, I made a 5″x7″ rendition of a Lego-man Han Solo in (iron) carbonite. It looks pretty authentic.

I promise, pictures are forthcoming as soon as possible.


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