Happy Holidays! New Year’s is around the bend!

Being the utter introvert that I am, I enjoy taking the time to reflect on the year before.

Like I mention in my latest Suite 101 Blog, I am pretty proud of the stuff I accomplished this past year. It makes me feel more excited and enthusiastic about the year ahead!

I have one list of things that I want to try / see / do at least once in my lifetime, and of that group, I accomplished THREE of them in 2007!

  • Had a psychic reading done
  • danced the tango
  • went to Disneyworld

My 2007 goals were organized around the overarching goal of “Freedom” from restrictions, from my ego, from convention.

  • Physical Freedom – I did all my annual and semi-annual doctor and dentist visits, got Lasik surgery, so I might forget about the optometrist for a decade or more, and my yoga practice helped me overcome a need for a prescription – I went off that in October 2007.
  • What I didn’t accomplish in this category was further shrinkage in clothing size.
  • Solid Foundation – with the idea that we all need a home, family and friends that are our rock under our feet to be able to rest on, and launch from, I committed to taking care of my house, and working on projects (like replacing my roof in June!) getting my pets their shots and medications, and keeping my social network in good repair. I threw two parties in 2007 – one on Groundhog day, and another just last weekend! While some of my resolutions are simple and direct, others are a bit more looseygoosey. “Teach someone something, learn from someone” was one of those. I check this off with enthusiasm for everything from teaching yoga classes, to learning and studying web content and keywords.
  • I happily accomplished every goal in this category!
  • Honoring Commitments – I like how I described this in my journal as giving every “yes” the weight of 1,000 “no’s“. This included my neighborhood association’s sign committee, and later in the year, my role as interim Vice-President of the Association. I don’t think I really got much accomplished in these areas, but I went to every meeting, and I really tried to do some good work.
  • Creativity Commitment & Explore Freedom – the last two sections of my 2007 list. My work on this blog, on my homepage, and on Suite 101 are all testaments to my efforts on this front. I journaled every day, I even bought my own domain name! Went stargazing, visited a State I’d never been to before, and my favorite of these “Fall down, be graceful” I happily accomplished with both Heelys and bicycle, Tango dancing and Yoga.

Some accomplishments that weren’t on the list that I am still really proud of:

  • Reconciled with a cherished old friend from High School.
  • Reconnected with other friends and found some of them in Atlanta!
  • Visited my dad after his heart surgery.
  • Enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Followed my Enthusiasm and signed up for Suite 101. Then made Featured Writer!
  • Submitted and submitted and submitted to magazines and contests throughout the year.
  • Bought a pair of Heelys and learned how to skate in them.
  • Took Brett & Ethan Ice Skating, to the Dragon*con Parade, and the Iron Pour…

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