Artist Dates for "Walking in this World"

I’m going on an Idea Hunt.

I need as many ideas as I can find, so anyone out there please add in your comments with options and ideas…..

Artist Date Ideas!!? GOT ANY?

I figure that through the course of my several attempts at completing “The Artist’s Way”, I’ve formally completed roughly 15 or 16 Artist Dates during the processes, and countless numbers outside of the various time periods.

In fact, my problem isn’t that I don’t know how to go on an Artist Date. I go on them so often, that now that I’m trying to complete “Walking in this World”, I’m left feeling like the Artist date suggestions I read in the book or find online are nothing special.

Fingerpainting on a brown paper bag? What else does one do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Clean the house? Hardly!

Because I do these things naturally now, I keep fighting the urge to make my “official” Artist Dates Bigger BOLDER and MORE SPECTACULAR than ever before. And I don’t have any extra cash for this sort of thing to be accomplished on a very grand scale right now.

Because I know I’m not the only person online brainstorming after this sort of thing, here’s a list of some of my favorite / most memorable Artist Dates:

  • Sat in the Atrium of the Atlanta Airport for several hours watching people in Limbo, Arrivals and Departures. Journaled everything I saw. (cost: $0.00)
  • Sent for “You Are Beautiful” stickers and put them places I thought they needed to be. (cost: $0.82 for 2 stamps – one sending & one SASE.)
  • Took a “Go-Go Stillettos” Dance Class (cost $10 w/ first class discount)
  • Took a “free trial” yoga class (and never stopped)
  • Free arts events at area universities (all of them have them all of the time – openings, readings, concerts, speakers)
  • Attended Open Mic Nights and Poetry readings all over town – I’m still looking for the place where I want to be heard. (cost varies by cover $0 – $5)
  • Set up a “Poetry on Demand” table at my yard sale (á la Natalie Goldberg’s “spontaneous poetry booth”) (cost $2.50 for supplies, but I made it back charging $0.50 poem)
  • Art museum with my journal in hand for ongoing notes of impressions. (Note: take a pencil, they don’t like you to use pens inside the museum.) (cost: $0.00 I think it’s the 1st Friday for Fulton County residents… Don’t remember. It really is possible, though!)
  • Going on a Word Hunt at the Library (the children’s section is especially useful for this) cost: $0.00

Post a comment! Add yours!


9 thoughts on “Artist Dates for "Walking in this World"

  1. Thank you for posting my link! 🙂 I love the artist dates you’ve been on in the past – very inspring! I’ll be posting more artist date ideas in suite101 very soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

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