"High School Musical" Brain

ETHAN: Do you know why I like to watch “High School Musical” so much, Daddy?
BRETT: Why, buddy?
ETHAN: Because when I watch it, I get a “High School Musical” Brain.
Never before has the English language captured so completely what happens when these earworms reach the auditory nerve.

I have officially had a “High School Musical” Brain for the past month.

I wake up in the morning with “Fabulous” stuck in my head. Not only is “Fabulous” one of the most obnoxious songs on the High School Musical 2 soundtrack, it is the least suited to me and my personality of all of those tracks available to have tunneled its insidious way into my cranium.

She needs something in inspiring to help her get along,
She needs a little Fabulous is that so wrong?

Yes, yes it is indeed wrong.

I’ve decided that this is some sort of Jungian shadow work – that I need hours of therapy to unmask my own inner horrors of shallow spoiled rich-kid materialism.

Iced Tea imported from England
Lifeguard imported from Spain
Towels imported from turkey
Turkey imported from Mai-ai-ai-ne.

This has bothered me so much I finally had to go look it up

Imports and Exports are defined as from one country to another – not from State to State!

ME to NM is not importing – it’s shipping.

Somebody put on some Britney Spears, I’d rather have that stuck in my head….


One thought on “"High School Musical" Brain

  1. Ha ha! Hence the reason I have thus far resisted the urge to see/hear what this “High School Musical” (1 & 2) phenomenon is all about. My nephew is all into it, but I’m afraid of getting stuff like that stuck in my brain…

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