More Suite Articles

It has been a while since I’ve blogged, and I’ve had to write quite a lot. The guys at Digital Search Media are keeping me hopping, that’s for darn sure. I’m writing web copy for them almost full-time now. I don’t even have time to finish updating my own personal webpage anymore! Argh!

At any rate, I’ve been plugging away at my minimums on the Suite 101 stuff… in spite of all the extra work I’ve been putting in writing for the New Age Connections Newsletter, and work on Guru…..

Did a basic article on how to find Yoga classes in your area. Two new Yoga Anatomy Articles, one about the lymphatic system and another about yoga and menstruation. Also, after I received a review copy from Yoga Calm, I wrote a book review and an introduction of Yoga Calm for Educators…..

so obviously, I’ve been keeping busy, even if not blogging about it explicitly…. :-7


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