Explaining Introversion to an Extroverted 6-year-old

This morning, Ethan asked me why I don’t like video games. I had to start with the simplest, and most honest answer – I’m not very good at them.

I realize that the major reason was that video games – just like television and spending too much time around too many people – are things I have a hard time with because I’m an introvert.

It took me almost an hour to come up with an explanation of an introvert’s sense of overstimulation.

“Have you ever been talking with a bunch of people, and everybody is talking at once so you can’t really hear any of them. And you want to pay attention, but you can’t because there’s so much going on?” I asked Ethan a few minutes ago.


“That’s how I feel when I watch video games or TV. Like there’s too many things going on in my brain.”

…. I don’t know if that did much. His dad still only understands introversion “in theory” and I still have to remind him that watching TV isn’t always the most relaxing activity for me….

One thought on “Explaining Introversion to an Extroverted 6-year-old

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