Biking with the Boys

I’ve got Bicycling on the brain big time, obviously.

My last three articles on Suite 101 were about bikes! Two of them are about Biking Mindfully – one on alignment and attention, and a second one on intention and internal focus.

The third article is a general overview of beginner yoga poses that are particularly beneficial for cyclists for strengthening and stretching.

The half-a-bike trailer (see photo) for Ethan went over with huge success. These two rode this contraption for a total of 25 miles last weekend. Including a 15-mile jaunt on a local trail!!

They must really enjoy it for the little guy to show such endurance without a single complaint… the coolest part of that trip is that we went with Brett’s dad and brother, so it was a family thing. I think Ethan likes it because it’s something we all do together. I know that’s a big reason why I enjoy it!


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