Hunting Down Bettina

We will both readily admit it. Bettina and I are among the world’s worst correspondents. You’d think e-mail, the internet and cell phones would make things easier on us.
But no. We had managed to fall out of touch for about eight years.
We tried Googling one another, searched through old address books for a scrap of a clue. But it took us 8 years and one of our teachers from High School asking for her contact information to get me to come out from under my rock, and look her up.
After looking up her parents in the online white pages to get a home phone number, I spoke with Ruth, Bettina’s mom and get the right number to give her a call. We didn’t chat long, but we were able to exchange important news updates, email addresses and other vital information – such as that of her two-year-old daughter, Josephine….

What do you think?

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