Proud Daughter

Ok, so this article posted online by my mom demonstrates a bit about the dorkiness that is me.

Yes, it’s true, I didn’t know how to hard-boil an egg until last month…. an amusing aside – Brett’s mom and I had a conversation not too long ago about how there are key life’s lessons that he somehow missed (e.g. “Don’t put Dawn dishwashing soap into a dishwasher”). Apparently, I’ve skipped a few of those details, as well. Perhaps that’s why we’re such a good pair?

The real reason why I’m writing about it is because I’m proud of my mom.

I, too, used Helium as a jumping-off point for my online writing. It’s a reasonable training ground, and I quickly learned through the “Rating” process what I should be doing to attract online readership. Honestly, I doubt mom’s going to stick around Helium for very long, but she’ll enjoy it while she’s there.

Most of all, I’m proud that she woke up with an idea one morning and turned it into an article. I’m proud that she’s getting her work out there, and that she’s trying.

And I’m proud to say I’m the goofy kid she’s writing about!


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