Wii Fit is hard on the knees

As part of the New York Times review of the Wii Fit, Yoga instructor and author Cyndi Lee is quoted as being concerned that some of the yoga poses are being presented incorrectly. “Like with the warrior pose they show the knee going past the foot, which is a big no-no,” she said.

She failed to notice another detail about the presentation of Warrior – the instructor’s front heel is raised up off the balance board. Yikes!

Both of these factors – if imitated by a Wii gamer – would put a lot of undue stress on that front knee. Keep the front heel firmly planted, and keep the knee directly above the ankle. If you’re not stretching the hip, then widen your stance. Not only will this alignment keep you from hurting your knees, it will really improve your score!

Also, in another one of the very beginning poses on Wii Fit – the “Tree” pose, there is a missing modification. A lot of people have trouble reaching that foot up to their inner thigh. An alternative option is to place the bottom of the foot on the inside edge of the lower leg, down by your calf. As long as the foot is not pressing against the knee, you can put that foot wherever it’s the most comfortable for you.

The other thing they never say in the demos, but ought to repeat – is that if it hurts. Don’t do it. If you are stressing or straining your knees, you need to stop doing that exercise.

Keep an eye open for my complete review shortly.


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