Wii Fit Yoga Articles Up and Running

I have now offically written and posted four out of the six articles about the Wii Fit and Yoga that I intended to write.

Because I kept exceeding the word limit, my review of each of the poses has been split into three articles. The whole goal of these three was to give safety notes and alternatives to the poses that were presented on the Wii Fit.

Overall, the trainer on Wii Fit presents what a yoga instructor would call “the full expression of the pose”, or the intermediate / advanced version of what they are getting at. There are easier, safer and milder versions of just about every pose out there, and I wanted to be sure to share those.

So, to that end, Wii Fit Yoga Pose Overview covers the four poses shown when you start up the game. Seven Additional Poses on the Wii Balance Board is about the next seven, and the last four are covered in On the Yoga Mat with Wii Fit.

The fourth article I’ve written and posted is a slightly more critical look at why yogis might not appreciate the Wii Fit’s version of Yoga.

The fifth and sixth articles I’m still working on. The fifth one will be the yoga class – a routine that guides a wii user from one pose to the next in a fashion that would at least be similar to a real yoga class in a studio.

The sixth article I’m drafting is more of a feedback article to the folks at Nintendo. In case they are working on a Wii Yoga game product, I want to be sure that they get the picture about what’s missing, what’s important, and what should be included in an expanded yoga offering for their game.


What do you think?

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