Baby Blue T-Strap Pumps

One additional note on this particular job search and interview process…. the shoes.
Several months ago, I finally found the perfect purse. It’s sturdy, fits all of the essentials (and only the essentials) has a nice long strap. And the on-sale model happened to be baby blue. (Who wants olive drab for twice the price?!)
Then I had to find the coordinating shoes – something that could tie an outfit together when I needed to carry my perfect purse (frequently). I bought one pair of cute blue converse-inspired sneaker / flats, and these… pictured on the far left in all their glory. The coolest possible T-strap pumps.
When it came time to interview in person at Tescom, I had to figure out an outfit. I needed to be conservative, but with just a hint of creativity… a touch of whimsy. So, I started with these shoes.
They served as the wacky base for the sensible off-black hose, a super conservative black skirted suit, with a blue camisole for balance. I felt like it was a put-together look, unified and still fun and quirky – pretty representative of who I am.
I hadn’t thought anyone had even noticed. However, apparently everyone had noticed them and told my hiring manager (who works from Manhattan) about these blue shoes. It was one of the first things she mentioned when she called me back the following day. She took them as a sign of creativity. She understood completely.
Blue shoes: fait accompli
(Of course now I feel a tremendous amount of pressure about my fashion choices for when I head into work next week. Does anyone want to go shopping with me?)

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