Excitedly Employed!

I’m a big believer in job seeking via interpersonal networks. When I responded to those passive job postings online, I generally expected to wait a few weeks before I’ll get one of those “Thanks, but no thanks” form letters from an HR-bot. You can imagine my surprise when the IT recruiter at Tescom called me within minutes of receiving my email!

The reason why I’d applied for the Search Engine Optimization Specialist posting is simple. I’m transitioning from a career in technology to pursue my creative interests in Internet marketing. It appeared to take advantage of that past experience and encompass my current goals. Last Thursday, Tescom agreed.

The following Monday, I was contacted by the hiring manager regarding this position, and received a broader perspective on the opportunity itself. This position would include more communications and writing than I’d understood from the initial description! Yeah!

I’m also excited because it’s a global position, and I could have a chance to use my French language skills at work! I keep trying to level-set expectations about my language abilities though, because I’m no interpreter. (Also why my resume says “Conversant” not “Fluent”)

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet three of my soon-to-be coworkers face-to-face during the interview. Total Hermione Granger that I am, I actually enjoyed Patrick’s quiz on SEO tactics and keyword philosophies…

This post has been paraphrased from the original “homework assignment” they asked me to write as part of my application. I turned in the offer letter accepting my new position as “Marketing and Communications Coordination” this morning, and I will be starting on Monday!


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