Ten Zen Seconds

Though not entirely “Zen”, this excellent break is Based on Eric Maisel’s Work, and I wanted to retain his title.
Photo Credit: “demondimum” on Morguefile
(Parenthesis) indicate a single inhalation or exhalation.

For “doing my work” in #3, you can substitute whatever you are currently doing / focusing on.

1. (I am completely) (stopping)

2. (I expect) (nothing)

3. (I am) (doing my work)

4. (I trust) (my resources)

5. (I feel) (supported)

6. (I embrace) (this moment)

7. (I am free) (of the past)

8. (I make) (my meaning)

9. (I am open) (to joy)

10. (I am equal) (to this challenge)

11. (I am) (taking action)

12. (I return) (with strength)


What do you think?

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