Lego Batman Video Game Review

On Suite 101 this weekend, I posted a review of the Lego Batman video game that Brett and Ethan have been playing non-stop since we bought it a month ago.

Because the review has to be third-person, impersonal and unbiased, I couldn’t add in how cute these two are to watch while they play. They really cooperate and use one another’s best skills to get things done in the puzzle-solving and bad-guy fighting.

I particularly enjoy Ethan’s slight mis-use of terminology when discussing who’s to solve the puzzle, and who’s to defeat the baddies. Instead of saying “I’ll cover you!” (which is what he means in these cases) Ethan invariably says “I’ll take cover!”

It’s also heartening to have them playing a video game where neither of them loses his patience, and they both rise to the challenge of unlocking absolutely everything that can be unlocked.


What do you think?

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