Loving me some Freecycle

What started out as a simple “plug” for my dearly beloved Freecycle turned into three articles on Suite 101!

The source of inspiration for this is my lovely new reading chair obtained from a fellow freecycler, as well as my new porch swing! I have plenty of ideas of how I’d like to spruce up the house, but I simply don’t have the budget for furniture, drapes, etc. So I had to get creative.

When I noticed how much stuff passes from one household to another via the wonderful world of Freecycle, I realized that you could furnish a whole house in this stuff! That led to the concept of home staging (because you have to refurnish a house, and at as low cost as possible)

I have another article idea about moving to a new city and using freecycle to (a) learn how to get around town, (b) to furnish a new apartment on the super-cheap, and (c) to potentially even make new friends! Cheesy, I know, but I think it could happen…


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