Calling for: Green Fabric?!?!

Got any old green shirts, skirts, or table cloths lying around? Ready to freecycle or recycle or reuse or just get rid of it?

Well, send it on down to Georgia!

That’s right folks, accepting your green fabric castoffs for a limited time only.

You see, I’ve decided to make a rag rug for my living room, and i’ve decided it needs to be in shades of green. (Predominantly green, but I’m also planning to mix in beige, brown, with tidbits of burgundy and navy, to be absolutely precise).

I’ve decided this because:

  1. They don’t make rugs that are big enough for this space AND machine-washable.
  2. They don’t make rugs in exactly the color scheme that this room has taken on for itself.
  3. Well, because I want to make it! Darn it!

So, if you have any scraps of green fabric that need to live on in another life, and would look good on hardwoods…. send ’em my way!



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