Sweet, Wheaty and Wheat-Free Articles

After I posted the article “How to feed your holiday guests with food allergies” on Suite 101, I’d intended to post another draft – one about trustworthy brands for gluten-free and wheat-free foods.

It got put off a bit. But I got there eventually 🙂

Meanwhile, I was honored with an interview with Jen from Cake Wrecks, which actually turned into TWO articles. (The second is about the upcoming Cake Wrecks book!)… nothing like paying homage to the blog that tends to make me really happy I can no longer eat those cakes……

And… to be completely honest, there is a complete giddy moment when I realize MY name is actually posted in Cake Wrecks. Holy cow… a brush with bloggy fame!


One thought on “Sweet, Wheaty and Wheat-Free Articles

  1. There’s a comment on the CW post that made me soooo happy. Sheryl said “I love the description of living the Web 2.0 American Dream”… *sniffle* not only are they reading what I wrote… but they <>like<> it!

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