Wrapping up 2008

This week between Christmas and the New Year always makes me feel a little reflective and contemplative. I am in the midst of working out what my 2009 resolutions will be, but before I can start planning ahead and seetting those goals for the future, first, I need to look back. So, let’s start with the list of resolutions that I shared a year ago:

  • Permission Slips (to release the “shoulds”) – I don’t know about this one. I think I was far gentler with myself in many ways this year, but it’s hard to tell with all of the other changes and upheaval that occurred.
  • Daily Writing Practice – journaling and additional work – Check. I really feel like I’ve done this and then some. Much of what I’ve learned this year is that I don’t have to wait for a “muse” or inspiration to overtake me in order to write. I can write even when it’s hard work.
  • Daily Yoga Practice – my relationship with yoga changed a great deal this year. First, I was unable to maintain a regular schedule once it wasn’t in my office building and I had to make a greater effort to get out to a studio. Yoga practice at home is not for me – part of what I enjoy most about yoga is the collaboration, the building up of energy in a group. I tried training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher, and even had “Finish RYT Training” as one of my 2008 goals. This I did not do.
  • Going on Adventures – 2008 has been nothing but adventures! From job changes (leaving BellSouth, to Digital Search Media, to Tescom) to the yoga and writing retreat in June. From rock wall climbing with the boys to “Writer’s Block” Meetups with Mel. CHECK!
  • Finish the “Walking in this World” 12-week process – check. This one I did right on schedule.
  • Regularly scheduled Solitude – the whole point of this one was that I don’t need to be overstimulated. It’s all self-care, and a lot of boundaries and keeping in touch with where I am emotionally and knowing when to say “enough”. We practiced this a lot this year, and I feel like it was well accomplished.
  • Bike a Century – wah wah waaaaah. Cue the disappointment sound effects. Maybe in 2009? I did manage to get both Brett and Ethan pedaling this year, which I will chalk up as a major accomplishment.
  • Purging the house of excess clutter – hm. Did I do this? I know that I’ve tried to do so as the house grows and changes with our little family. There’s still a far way to go – but that’s what Freecycle is for, right?
  • 101 articles on Suite 101 – This was an audacious goal. As of this posting, I’m at 67 articles on Suite 101, some of them really cool (like the Cake Wrecks interview!), and two Editor’s Choice articles in 2008. So I’m -34 from the mark, about 1/3 of the way off. Not great, but not bad either, especially considering the fact that I stepped down as Feature Writer of Mind/Body Fitness in July so I could focus on my work at Tescom.

The other thing I generally like to review of the year just past is the list of other commendable, amazing, cool things that I accomplished. This year, I:

  • Took HUGE leaps of faith – leaving 8 years of work behind at AT&T
  • Stopped doing things that weren’t working for me any longer (learning and growing and changing, instead of sticking with something just because I’d committed to it) including: Quitting the Homeowner’s Association, stepping down as FW, leaving RYT training, leaving DSM…..
  • Tried pottery, made some 3-D art for a couple of months
  • Painted portraits of my family
  • Got my passport renewed
  • Took classes in things that interested me
  • Attended the Yoga As Muse Retreat in NY (and paid for it only with money I had made with writing!)
  • Faced down depression, and kicked it.
  • Met Ethan’s 1st grade teacher at Parent-Teacher conferences
  • finished my 50,000 words for NanoWrimo
  • Met Scott Russell Sanders
  • Reconnected with Bettina
  • Finished Jerry Lopper’s life balance E course, and gained ongoing tools for that goal
  • Inspired others with my Thanksgiving challenge

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