2009 Resolutions

Why? ….. Why not? …… Why not me? …… Why not now?

One of the marks of an intelligent person is to be able to distinguish what is worth doing and what isn’t and to be able to set priorities.” ~ Anne Wilson Schaef

With that quote in mind, this year’s resolutions are mostly about priorities…

  • Professional goals: use my personal strengths every day; and change my relationship with email.
  • Financial goals: include savings for house projects like windows, and setting aside money for fun, adventures, vacations and hobbies
  • Physical goals: To lose weight 10 lbs at a time…. until I fit into the clothes I have stored in the attic; enjoy myself with the YMCA membership
  • Spiritual goals: Take time to ground myself and breathe, be in the moment; weekly artist dates; monthly retreats into nature; walk Lingo at least weekly
  • Social support – Family & Framily: Rely on my support system more; Take time to connect and feel close to the ones I love. This is the anti-party. Schedule specific 1-on-1 attentive time with the people who mean the most to me.
  • Home / House: Garden more; hire someone to check something off a list; make my rug for the sitting room
  • Play / Fun: Set up a Pizza Fusion reading challenge!! (like we had with Pizza Hut in the 6th grade…..)
  • Creativity: 101 articles on suite 101; finish Maaneshin and get to see it in that pre-print proof format; Ask Sherean to read my integral 4-H article; find & take part in creative community

What do you think?

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