2008: a year in Journal entries

12/14/2007: “I loved BellSouth. I love it like I love Sweet Briar and Wayland. It was where I needed to be in order to become more fully me. It is part of what has shaped me into who I am, and it will always be a part of me.”
12/26/07: “Poetry is something I find on the train, like an umbrella or the comics from today’s newspaper.”

1/21/2008: “When will you live your own moment?…. ”

1/23/2008: “All of these people look unhappy. Afflicted with a sense of being far too grown up.”

2/3/08 – “Brett has explained to Ethan that when I’m writing, I am putting myself in time-out.”

2/22/08 – “[As a writer] it’s my job to tease the “extra-” out of the ordinary.”

3/9/08 – “So easy to take something like windshield wipers for granted… until they break…”

4/2/08 – “I’m not unhappy from the inside out, but I’ve got a lot going on from the outside in.”

5/21/2008 – “Cleaning to be done. Writing to be done. to do to do to do. What about to be?”

June 2008 – [Quote from the mini moleskin notebook from Yoga As Muse retreat in NY. Poem by Hafiz quoted verbally in class by Jeff] “Not once. Not once has the sun said to the earth “you owe me.” Look what can happen with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.”

7/23/2008 – “How long until the stress of a new job wears away? When will I settle into day-to-day levels of routine that don’t speak of newness and strangeness any longer?”

8/23/08 – [from prompts during “Writer’s Block Workshop” attended with Melody. This prompt was “My first car was…”] “My first car was a white Cadillac Cimarron – basically a Chevy Cavalier dressed up in Cadillac clothes….”

9/30/08 – “I’m a little annoyed by the loud-voiced conversations on the train. … a light flashing on the mental dashboard “introvert!” in bright red letters…”


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