Abrupt Change of Direction

As of June 1 2009, I started a new job. I’m still doing basically the same thing – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing – but for a local Atlanta company this time!

So, don’t be surprised to see links regarding cars, trucks and automotive transportation cropping up from time to time on my blog. I am even considering writing a few articles about some of the more buzz-worthy models (like the new Porsche Panamera? Mmmmmm…..)

I’ve been quite upfront with everyone at my new workplace that I don’t own a car. In fact, I frequently commute via bicycle and wheel her through the dealership to park her in my cubicle. The other day, someone asked me if that was a new energy-efficient 2010 Chevy.

In fact, I had a bleak reminder just the other day as to why I don’t drive very often, when I erroneously parked, and now have an insurance claim to deal with for Brett’s headlight….*sigh*

No, I haven’t yet asked about employee discounts on cars, but I suppose I should, eventually.

At any rate, there are almost 20 websites that I have to keep up with for Jim Ellis, including stores ITP and OTP (in Marietta).

What do you think?

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