2009 in Review

Because I’m starting to work on my 2010 Resolutions, always a good idea to review the accomplishments of the year that’s about to end. So, without further ado:

  • Professional goals: use my personal strengths every day; and change my relationship with email. – The reason why my email was bothering me was because for as long as I’ve used email (since 1993 or so?) my inbox reflected “to do” items and items left incomplete. And so, if I had more than a dozen emails floating in my inbox, I was frantic to take care of them and remove them. It was this sense of near-panic that caused me to realize that the tool was harming me, and I wasn’t using it as intended. So, in 2009, I let go of that way of thinking. I’m happy to report that there are now literally hundreds of messages in both my personal and work emails, and that doesn’t mean a doggone thing.
  • Financial goals: include savings for house projects like windows, and setting aside money for fun, adventures, vacations and hobbies – This goal was not met this year, but I doubt anyone in the economic climate of 2009 could imagine accomplishing these feats. Instead, I’m going to count as a roaring success the fact that I changed jobs in 2009, without a period of unemployment in between them. I paid all of my bills and made ends meet in 2009, again a feat worth mentioning.
  • Physical goals: To lose weight 10 lbs at a time…. until I fit into the clothes I have stored in the attic; enjoy myself with the YMCA membership – this year was a big year for me in the “physical” realm. I learned of two new food sensitivities – soy and dairy in addition to gluten – I learned about insulin resistance, and how to eat and exercise to heal that condition. I lost over 30 lbs. and dropped 4 inches from my waist. I tried Zumba classes and Spin classes. I rode a few 50-mile bike rides and a total of 770 miles this year. I did over 200 hours of cardio in 2009!
  • Spiritual goals: Take time to ground myself and breathe, be in the moment; weekly artist dates; monthly retreats into nature; walk Lingo at least weekly – I’ve done a little better at staying in the moment, but I need to schedule more regular walks and more regular writing sessions in 2010. I think that the moust resounding success in terms of artist dates had to be the ukelele….
  • Social support – Family & Framily: Rely on my support system more; Take time to connect and feel close to the ones I love. This is the anti-party. Schedule specific 1-on-1 attentive time with the people who mean the most to me. – Well, I actually did throw a party in April celebrating the successful completion of Brett’s very first triathlon. I definitely feel like my friends and I leaned on one another a lot this year. This was a “hard lessons to learn” year for almost everyone. The best way I learned to rely on support from others? I taught Brett to cook in the crockpot and he’s been making dinner one night a week!
  • Home / House: Garden more; hire someone to check something off a list; make my rug for the sitting room – Well, we all know the rug is a big “Check!”, and I hired the Lawn Elephant earlier this year to handle the lawn mowing because our mower is broken. So that’s also a HUGE Check! I did, however, fail rather miserably at the whole “garden more” goal…
  • Play / Fun: Set up a Pizza Fusion reading challenge!! (like we had with Pizza Hut in the 6th grade…..) – Hehehehe. I said “set up” not “maintain”, right? In fact, I did a lot of reading this year. My best calculations (yes, Excel is involved) indicate that I’ve read at least 85 books just for the fun of it in 2009, and that’s over 28,000 pages!
  • Creativity: 101 articles on suite 101; finish Maaneshin and get to see it in that pre-print proof format; Ask Sherean to read my integral 4-H article; find & take part in creative community – Two outta Four ain’t bad? I did achieve my 101 articles on Suite 101 in October of this year. I also started attending the more regularly occurring Radiant Writer’s group meetings this year.

Overall, I think I was quite successful at meeting the heart and intention of my goals for 2009 even if I didn’t check every single item off the list. The 2010 goals are going to be tough. I’ve got a lot on my mind….


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