Holy Moly, it’s March!

Where has the time gone? I haven’t posted since December! And it’s March. Yeesh!

Lemme see…. where were we?

  • I’ve actually met the resolution of logging 100% of my food so far this year. Yay me!
  • I’ve written 5 more Suite 101 articles since the new year. (so, um, only 81 more to go to hit that goal?)
  • I’ve worked out somewhat regularly, not sure if I met the 300 mins per week, I’d have to go check my logs…
  • I have done at least 3 artist dates – which isn’t weekly, but at least I’ve had a few. And I have been doing my morning pages like a good little do-bee.

Anything else interesting thus far? Well, I bought a pair of running shoes. I started a jog/walk program (more walk than jog thus far, but I’m getting to the point where I can jog for 300 feet or so before I have to walk again due to beeping heart rate monitor.) And my goal for the running is to race in a duathlon or two this summer.

That’s a run-bike-run, because I’m a sucky swimmer. So, I will run a 5 K (I’m up to 1 mile in my training! woo Hoo! a whole third of the way!) then bike 14.3 miles (easy-peasy) then run another 5 K. So, I’m training for a 10K, and planning on taking a “bike break” in the middle.

My heart rate monitor really likes the biking thing, and I can do quite a lot before it beeps.

I’m actually quite close to a total of 40 lbs. lost since January 2009, which is a huge accomplishment!


One thought on “Holy Moly, it’s March!

  1. Lili! My husband does not like to swim and he has been looking into a race to enter. He thought the triathlons looked interesting, but his main concern was the swimming too! I will have to tell him about this.

    Great job on the training and weight loss! This is fantastic.

    I kept my heart rate at about 150 last night. I was thinking of you.

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