Sweet Suite Articles

So, the 5 articles I’ve written thus far in 2010 have been rather strange and disparate. Here they are in chronological order:

  • A Book Review of Maureen Murdock’s “Heroine’s Journey“. I love this book, and the article just sort of bubbled up out of nowhere. So I wrote it and hit “publish”.
  • A review of the 3 new yoga poses on the Wii Fit Plus because it goes with the rest of the series and because we got the Plus and it’s fun!
  • I had a really strong emotional response to the hubbub about Kevin Smith and Southwest air, so I tried to write about it objectively… as much as I could.
  • But then I had to split out the articles, because they had 2 very different topics. The first, a play by play of events, and the second a more careful look at how our culture regards obesity.
  • Last but not least, I re-purposed an article that I originally wrote for Seed.com as a trial run and got rejected. I decided since I’d spent the hour working on it, I might as well post it somewhere. So, a dull look at IRS requirements and who should file a tax return. *yawn*

I’m behind the Contributing Writer minimum by 4 articles for the last 3 months, so my silly behind needs to get into gear.

I haven’t been feeling the urge to write non-fiction, but I have been going pretty strong in the fiction department. I’m close to finishing one of my longer stories, started a new one, and added about 30K words to one of my old NaNoWriMo projects. Go me!


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