The Smile File

Between allergy attacks and insufficient sleep, I’m in a sad state today. So, I thought I’d post links to the websites that never fail to make me smile!

  • Just Humor Me is a personal blog written by fellow Suite 101 writer, Diane Laney Fitzpatrick. This woman is very real, very smart and very, very funny!
  • “It Made My Day is about little moments of “win!” in people’s lives. It’s more or less the positive spin on FML, which usually just makes me sad. This side is affiliated with Icanhazcheezburger, and lolcats, which are nice, but the deliberately awful grammar gives me horrid facial ticks.
  • “The Mogg Blog” is a “fashion don’ts” blog for interior design. These women are snarky, funny, and sooooooo correct. Also, follow the moggitgirls on Twitter for additional fun!
  • And, of course, “Cake Wrecks”. I’ve interviewed her, I’ve met her, and I read her blog every day. Jen Yates is the cakey connoisseur with the only blog that makes me happy I’m gluten-free.

That’s the list of the sites I visit regularly. I like using for my news outlet, too. It helps to keep my normally sunny disposition.

Also, please comment if you like this post, because I have more ideas for blog and website collections, and I might have to put those together if folks appreciate reading them!!


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