Found a Dog!

Ok, let me just start off by saying that I’m certain someone is missing this pup.

She’s a full grown spaniel (too big to be a cocker, but I’m not up on the spaniel varieties to know which one she is) I wouldn’t be surprised if she were pure bred.

She’s well-fed, and well-behaved. Not obedience trained (e.g. doesn’t sit when I tell her to sit. I’m trying multilingual commands next). But potty trained and accustomed to having a back yard. She’s met cats before and respects them and doesn’t care one way or another about Keesli sniffing her head. Extremely well-socialized when it comes to other dogs, too.

If it’s possible, she’s as mellow as Lingo and super sweet. She launches herself up onto the sofa as if she’s lived here forever, which tells me she is a sofa dog at home, too.

One of my neighbors mentioned the possibility of someone dropping her off here because people know my ‘hood will step up and take care of her. I sure hope that’s not the case. I’m hoping that whomever has come home to find her missing after work tonight sees the signs we posted, or gets the news somehow….


What do you think?

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