Splitting Twitter

I’m taking my Twitter accounts to the next level! I now have three, count ’em, THREE Twitter accounts. “Why?” You ask.

Because I tweet about too many disparate topics. I tweet about car stuff for work. I tweet about gluten-free food, eating healthily and working out. I tweet about marketing online, and using social media to market a business. Up until this point I figured that these things – while disparate – were really just “me”. As human beings, we are all multifaceted individuals, right?

However, it occurs to me that I have three distinct audiences among my Twitter band. Some of these folks, like the Suite 101 writers, may be interested in more than one of my feeds. But in general, the vast majority of these folks only care about what they care about. And someone who’s following me for gluten-free recipes is less than likely to be excited about the Audi RS5. I also have to consider that at some point I’m going to leave Jim Ellis, and I will need to continue to build my personal brand and my professional portfolio. So, I divvied them up.

Now, my Jim Ellis tweets will all come from Lili Tweets Cars.

My Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing tweets will come from The Lili Effect, and will be most closely associated with this blog.

My personal Twitter account will remain on LiliFX. There, I’ll tweet about the random day-to-day silliness of my life. I’ll tweet about Gluten-free and allergy-free living. I’ll tweet about my run, and Brett’s triathlons.

Clear as mud, right? Well, you’ll get used to it. Now, I have to see how quickly I can get my following built up on each of those accounts! That’s going to be a real trick!

I’m already writing a new Suite 101 article about making this decision, and how best to accomplish it. If I manage to get my twitter following up over 100 on either of those new accounts I will have to do a “best ways to build a following” article as well!


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