On Writing and Life in General

Between going to Orlando for the Digital Dealer conference (and tweeting from @LiliTweetsCars like a fiend), and then going to Ohio to visit family and friends, I’ve been crazy busy!

Naturally, this means that I’m wayyyyy behind on my Suite 101 articles… I need to write 6 articles over the next 3 weeks to be able to hit my minimums to stay on contract there. Yikes! Because of this, I wrote and posted articles yesterday and today. I’m going to try to hit one a day until I’m caught up (or I’m never going to hit that 200 article mark by the end of the year!)

  • Today’s was an article on the Benefits of having more than one Twitter Account based on my personal recent experience and the research that I’ve been doing about that process.
  • Yesterday’s was exceedingly random. It was a comparison of DSL vs. Cable internet. It really has no bearing on anything beyond it was a brief, informational tidbit that I actually knew about right off the top of my head.

This overwhelmed feelings I’ve been having lately have actually been more about focusing too much of my energy outward – on the trips, on my job, on my house – and not enough of it inward. So, when I hit the “crawl under my desk and cry” point the other day, I decided to do a few things about that.

First, I signed up for an online creative writing course. I’m super excited about it! I think “How to Think Sideways” is exactly the spark I’ve been looking for in my work writing as well as my fiction and articles.

The other thing I did was sign up to volunteer at the Chastain Horse Park to be a horse-walker for therapeutic riding sessions for disabled kids. The benefit – beyond karma – for me is that I get to groom and tack up the horses I’m walking, and get to spend some time with hands-on equine therapy! I’m pretty excited about this, too!

What about you? What do you do to get back on track when you aren’t taking good enough care of yourself?


One thought on “On Writing and Life in General

  1. Lili, I really liked your article! I do not use Twitter. I think my head might explode if I did anything more online. My steps of action have caused me to cut back on internet time. I am finding it very difficult to do though.

    I did not know they had creative writing classes online. Have you taken any before? Your steps towards getting your energy balanced are fabulous!

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