A is for Athena

A is for Athena – a woman over 150 still wants to race

B is for Bicycle – finely tuned to set the pace

C is for Coconut Water – allergic-girl’s version of gatorade

D is for Duathlon – my first run-bike-run done and made

E is for Enthusiasm – I still had some left at the finish

F is for Friends and Family – I knew I had your best wish

G is for Georgia – Hot time to do this stuff

H is for Hydration – Important in 84 degrees to get enough

I is for Independence – all alone out on the course

J is for Jubilance – I did it! I even sorta want to do more

K is for Keeping my energy up

L is for Listening to my heart rate for when to stop

M is for the Medal I won being the only Athena for miles

N is for Numbers – marked on arms and thighs

O is for Obstinance – I wasn’t going to give in

P is for Perserverance – 2 hours and 54 mins

Q is for Quiet – all by myself on that road

R is for my Race Belt – dorky but necessary tote

S is for Sunscreen – amazed I didn’t get burned!

T is for Timing – I had a captive audience at the end

U is for Undertaking something bigger than myself

V is for Victory – and a medal on my shelf

W is for Winner – I won just because I could

X is for Xrays that I don’t need because I’m good

Y is for Yawning after the pause

Z is for Zebra, just because.

4 thoughts on “A is for Athena

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