Where’d August Go?

Really behind in my writing. Between writing all of the content on the blog for work, the press releases for work, three new websites for work, Facebook and Twitter, I’ve fallen behind a great deal.

I’ve got Suite 101 articles to write, the terrific online fiction writing course I’m taking from Holly Lisle to keep up with, and lo and behold, my sorely neglected blog. My mom’s a blogger, now (see her water aerobics stuff at Dry is Not an Option!) and you’d think that would remind me that I need to get out here and post!

I’m also behind in my training for the Zooma half-marathon I’ve signed up for on November 6th, which is making me crazy. I really think I get a lot of ideas when I’m out wearing holes in my shoes. It’s amazing how much one activity depends upon the other.

I think the quiet, the ruminative event of running (I never listen to music), the rhythm of it, and the simple acts of moving and sweating help so much. They give me the time and mental space to create. *sigh* maybe I’ll be able to run soon….


What do you think?

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