Google Instant – Change is a Good Thing

I just finished polishing up an article about the potential impact of Google Instant on SEM and SEO. It was exciting stuff.  You need to read it first to understand what I’m talking about here, though. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

. . . .

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Back?  Good!

Honestly, you can read between the lines of my non-opinion piece, but here is my straight opinion:

I think Google Instant will train people how to use the long tail search.  I think the long tail will thrive more than ever.

By continually offering more detailed and specific queries, I think that those short-termed search browsers are going to go by the wayside.

Of course, Google Instant doesn’t apply to those people who search using toolbars, or Internet Explorer, so frankly, it’s not easy to say how much will change at all, or at least not right away.

– – – – – UPDATE from SMX-East Conference  October 4-6, 2010 – – – – – –

“Google Instant thus far has not hurt the Long Tail search query, as 83 percent of query lengths have remained the same, and 17 percent of query lengths have increased.”


“So has Google Instant changed the way people search? Sixty-five of the users in the study said ‘no.’ ”

Austin Williams did a good job of summarizing the whole conference.


What do you think?

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