The Blogger’s Conundrum – Finding a Voice

As a writer of online articles, a blogger, a twitter-er,  and someone who would someday like to publish fiction, I face the same conundrum daily.

How do I say something new and different?

What new message can I send that will differentiate me from the thousands out there doing the same thing?

The key to answering this questions is to identify and hone your writing voice.

The voice of a writer can show education, opinion, playfulness, personality. What you, as an individual, bring to the discussion is vitally important. And without your individual voice, your message will get lost in the din.

Since this is early in the life of this particular blog, I am left to confront this new voice. Who is this SEO Translator? What is she about?

As I’ve mentioned before, I have multiple Twitter accounts, and I use a different voice for each of them – though I use the same profile picture, and they are all essentially me.

My @LiliFX account is personal.  There, I talk about things that I wouldn’t mention much at work. Sweaty workouts, yummy recipes, living gluten and allergy-free.  Lilifx follows celebrities, authors and people she’d never meet in real life, and she is frequently droll and playful. My blog, by the same name, is in this same voice. Funny anecdotes from daily life infiltrate this blog, it’s pages filled with triumphs and trials of being human.

My @LiliTweetsCars account is professional.  To be honest, if I leave the automotive industry, I may actually pass the username and password on to someone else.  Personally, I don’t really care about cars, but LiliTweetsCars does, because that’s her job.  She gets the word out about the places and people she works with. She sends out links to her work websites, press releases and blog – which she writes, and is strictly business.  But, because Twitter is Twitter, she still makes connections and friends along the way.

My @AliciaDKing twitter account is also professional, but it’s not about work. It ties to this blog (see the side bar!), it ties to LinkedIn. This is about a concept called personal branding.  The professional me who travels from one job to the next, and who does not lose her identity with each employer.   This represents the tool-belt of skills and experience that stay with me as an individual, rather than the role I play within a given company.

Each of these blogs, each of these social media identities, encompasses one aspect of my personality that I choose to make public. Does it fully represent me as an individual? I don’t think so.

But by separating my work into these various “characters”, I’m better able to manage my writing voice and to appeal to people who want to read about what I have to say on a given topic.


One thought on “The Blogger’s Conundrum – Finding a Voice

  1. UPDATE: LiliTweetsCars will be retiring when I leave Jim Ellis. I’m passing the reins to someone else within the organization so they can keep spreading the word. They will be changing the name of that account.

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