Shifting Gears & Full-Time Changes

I know I’ve been bad about my blog. I set out with the best of intentions of posting hyper-regularly, and tweeting my posts, and being consistently brilliant and original….


Yeah. I know…..

Well, I honestly have a really good excuse reason for my blog-neglect: I’m changing employers!

I’m stepping down from my role at a local car dealership group to provide SEO for a globally-recognized website.  I’ve got another blog post in me, probably for tomorrow, about the mental shift this is causing in the ways I’m thinking about SEO, and the techniques I apply for my current job that aren’t really going to work for my new one.

So, please forgive sporadic posting while I go through my last couple of weeks at one job, and then dive in headfirst at my new one, okay?



One thought on “Shifting Gears & Full-Time Changes

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