Eat Right to Feel Right

I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with my Suite 101 articles lately… erm. Well, sort of. I’m at 7 out of my minimum of 10 articles per 3 month period, but still, that’s better than 5 out of 10, right? 🙂

At any rate, three of my more recent articles have been about food. The first was a discovery I made via random spam “health” email: nightmares can be caused by low blood sugar. I have had chronic nightmares for years – heart pounding, wake up sweating or screaming or crying nightmares. And I thought it was just something buried in a past life or my psyche or something. Then I did a little more digging on this subject of it being a hypoglycemic episode, and lo and behold, with a test of a low-glycemic bedtime snack, I was able to cut nightmares out of my life entirely. Peanut butter works best, by the way. I take it right at bedtime with my calcium.

It might also help my weight loss endeavors, but I’m not wrapped up in that as an outcome. I’m happy to be nightmare free for the last several weeks!

Speaking of weight loss, have you checked out Balanced Days, Balanced Lives? It’s a book about long term, sustainable, healthy weight loss and how to achieve it without spending a mint on miracles or quacks. I highly recommend it for it’s honesty and hope. While I was writing that fun little book review, I ended up writing a second article based on a magazine article I ran across about food packaging claims and how little they have to adhere to facts. Thought you might enjoy it. 🙂

In other news, I’m working on my 2010 end of year achievements lists and on my 2011 goal setting process for new years. This is way more important to me, and who I am, than Christmas gift lists and Thanksgiving meal planning. Though I’ll have to admit, I have started drafting this year’s installment of our holiday newsletter, Lazy, Cheap & Tacky. It’s got all of our great news, along with… well, I haven’t gotten farther than the good news portions yet!


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