This month has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, and I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone to spend some time taking it in and being grateful for my life and the people in it. So, in honor of yesterday’s holiday, I am going to list some people and things that I’m grateful for.

This is in no particular order, it’s a free write and random association:

  1. I’m so grateful to have Brett in my life. Every day, I learn a new way that we are perfect for one another. He balances me, just as I balance him. Not to mention, many of the following people are people who are in my life because of him.
  2. I’m grateful for Ethan. I am going to miss seeing him this month until his dad’s schedule changes. I love to hear his giggle, his wit, his charm, and how considerate and kind he is to others.
  3. I’m grateful for Ethan’s mom, Hope, and how well she and I get along. I know that much of what makes Ethan such a great kid is her doing. I’m grateful for that as well as her friendship.
  4. I’m grateful for Brett’s mom, who treats me like a member of her family. Mimi makes sure I can eat an entire Thanksgiving feast without a food reaction, down to specially labeled “Alicia’s butter” and “Alicia’s gravy”. I feel cared for and stress-free when we visit with her, and this means so much to me.
  5. I’m grateful for my mom and her husband Gypsy, for always thinking of me and always being there when I need someone to lean on.
  6. I’m grateful for my dad and his wife, Marsha, for loving me and missing me, even though I’m far away.
  7. I’m grateful for siblings and stepsiblings. Ryan and Courtney, and Brett’s niece on the way, and Jason and Christy. Even though we live very different lives, we are still there for each other.
  8. I’m grateful for Brett’s dad who urges us to keep bicycling even in the winter!
  9. I’m grateful that most of my extended family is on Facebook, so I can keep in touch with them, even though we’re scattered all over the country.
  10. I’m grateful for Facebook and the connections it fosters. Reconnecting with old, dear friends is one of the biggest highs I experience, as well as fostering connections with new friends, getting to know them virtually, even though I’ve spent little to no time with them face-to-face.
  11. Speaking of online connections, I’m super-grateful for the community at Nutrimirror. This is a group of friends and family members who span the globe, yet understand everything about the day to day decisions that I make in terms of my health, workouts and food choices. Never has there been a better cheering section, never has there been a better sounding board. Viva la Journal Room!
  12. Oh, and I’m also pretty darned grateful for the tool that Nutrimirror provides – a real reflection of how I am what I eat, and how I can take steps and make choices to change how I feel in every moment of the day. What control! What power! What balance!
  13. I guess that leaves me grateful for the nutritionist who sent me there, and the chiropractor who keeps me even-keel, and everyone who supports my journey not just for weight-loss, but for whole-body health and energy.
  14. I’m grateful I went on that silly Zooma run so I could learn my limits. They weren’t what I expected them to be.
  15. I’m grateful I completed my duathlons and brought home medals, even if the competition was less than fierce. It’s an accomplishment, with a heavy round tangible reward for doing it.
  16. I’m grateful that Brett came through his Ironman unscathed, and that he can tell stories of his 16 hours and 58 minutes for the rest of his life…. or at least, until he does one more quickly….
  17. I’m intensely grateful that for all of the wacky stuff he and I have demanded of our bodies this year, that we have not been injured, and that we continue to have healthy bodies of which to make more of those wacky demands.
  18. I’m grateful that I’ve started my new job with a company that I love, with wonderful people, with a corporate environment that I know I can thrive in…
  19. And I’m grateful that Brett’s found a calling. Not only that he’s started working and is employed full-time, but that he’s found employment and a long term career path that fulfills him, that meets his deep inner needs to help people tangibly, and that he will be able to derive satisfaction from every day. This is the stuff true contentment is made of….
  20. I’ve only briefly touched on the friends that I’m grateful for, and I can list literal dozens for whom I’m particularly grateful. Those who inspire and encourage my health, those who inspire and inform my writing and creativity, those who bring me joy and laughter, support and encouragement, and permission to just be… I’m beyond grateful that the support network that surounds me now is one of light and love. I know that if I stumble, each and every one of you would hold out a hand to help me back to my feet.
  21. Speaking of inspiring and comforting friends, I’m grateful for my dog, and two cats, and that they choose share their warmth and light with Brett and Ethan.
  22. I’m grateful for big things like jobs and new family members, and I’m grateful for silly things like inside jokes.
  23. I’m grateful that every member of my family is healthy.

There is so much to be grateful for in my life… I am certain I could keep going all day, but eventually it would get silly. “I’m grateful for feathers…” so, I’m going to close it now with well wishes to anyone reading this for a wonderful happy Thanksgiving, and best wishes for this Holiday season!


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Well said, my darling girl. I love you more than anything! I am glad you are whole, healthy and happy. I am also glad that you have someone like Brett in your life! I really appreciate his mom and all she does, I would like to meet her someday! I am proud of you and your accomplishments and your drive!

  2. And I am grateful for you. I'm so glad Brett found someone as wonderful as you. I'm happy things are going well now and appreciate how you held everything together when they weren't. I love the way you celebrated Brett's Ironman accomplishment, while keeping your own very important support in the shadows. I recognize where alot of his success resides and I love and thank you for it.

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