Time’s a wasting!

I’ve got it on my list of to-do’s to write a blog post going over my 2010 accomplishments and wacky new things I’ve tried in the past year.

I might get to it this weekend – between decorating the tree, finishing up this year’s edition of Lazy, Cheap and Tacky, making fudge, buckeyes and assorted other holiday goodies, working on paintings and other handmade gifts, and taking another bellydancing lesson.

Of course, on that list of accomplishments will be my new job, and all of the work I’m doing there. I’m loving it, in case I haven’t cornered you to effuse sufficiently. I feel like I’ve come home here, and every day that feeling settles in a little more. From building Monty-Python themed cattle-flinging floats on little red wagons for the Holiday Party (pictured here – we find out if this won the contest tonight!), to actually accomplishing things on the website.

It’s easy to feel like my work has influence and meaning when I can ask for a page to be built, and suddenly it appears! The first one of these is this one on types of diets – which is by no means complete, but it’s a start. (Now, Nutrimirror readers, please understand, this doesn’t reflect or speak to my own personal opinions on dieting! this is purely an SEO effort! I am, in fact, pushing for more content about logging foods, getting a support community, and perhaps comparison and contrasting food-logging websites….mwahahahahaha……)

What do you think?

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