2010 Accomplishments

I’ve only got 20 days to make the rest of my 2010 resolutions happen, so I’m thinking it’s about time to review what I have – and haven’t – accomplished this year. Mostly, this exercise serves to celebrate this year’s accomplishments, but it also informs next year’s set of resolutions.


  • Record everything I eat to ensure proper nutrition -My food log says I’ve logged 93% of my days this year. That means I’ve logged every bite except for FIVE days worth. I think that’s a pretty incredible achievement given everything else that was going on in my life!
  • Try to get all of my nutrients from whole foods instead of supplements – This is harder than it sounds when you can’t have dairy. Calcium is only present in minscule amounts in the foods I can eat. I did try though, and I will continue to try to eat the most nutrient-dense foods available, rather than empty calories!
  • Exercise 300 minutes per week – I fell off track, and got back on track various times and for various reasons throughout the year on this goal. However, I did work out a great deal, and I have some extra accomplishments to show for it….
  • Ride my first Century! – ARGH! Just like 2009 – it didn’t happen in 2010. My longest ride to date is 62 miles, which is not too shabby. Again, I say, this will happen next year.
  • Unexpected accomplishments in the realm of health? I ran-biked-ran 2 duathlons this year, and I ran my longest distance to date of a little over 12 miles. I can run a 10K without walking at all, and without my heart rate going out of the fat-burning zone.


  • Daily morning pages and Weekly Artist Dates. Mandatory. – Sometimes it feels like I don’t notice I’m doing these things because they are simply second nature. Then, other times, I realize that I don’t notice that I’m doing these things because I’m completely not doing these things. I also notice when I stop doing them that I can feel it – the pressure builds up. Creativity will out, my friends. You’ve got to let it happen!
  • Weekly ruminative activities – walks, gardening, solitude – Wow, my gardens suck. However, I walk a lot more to work, and have walked a lot more this year in general. My running is also very ruminative. I don’t listen to music, just run. And that ends up being great solitude time as well. Of course, I get a LOT more solitude time now with Brett’s new schedule….
  • Unexpected accomplishments in the realm of creativity? In May, I signed up for an online fiction writing course that has got me writing more than ever! And I think it’s pretty cool that I kept up with my blog pretty well. 🙂 I even started a second blog!

Professional & Financial

  • Publish 200 total articles on Suite 101 by end of 2010 – Ha! Ok, I am up to 139 articles on Suite 101, I barely kept up with my minimums, and now I’ve got an extra hurdle of being unable to write about the vast majority of the stuff I usually write about because of my new job…. but, I did keep up with my minimums, and had a few neat successes with my articles – from being featured in the Smart Brief on Social Media to getting to connect with authors after I’ve reviewed their books.
  • Aggressively pay off Credit Card – This goal was met, and then it was not met. I actually paid $5,000 off on my card this year. And then I re-charged it back up. I don’t see this as a failure, but rather as an accomplishment – not the charging the card, silly. But the fact that I’ve managed to hold down my job (and get a new one), keep the heat on and the mortgage paid, and keep the two and four-legged family well-fed for the entire year. Even when Brett was unemployed for 10 of those 12 months in 2010. This is an accomplishment given the economic climate of this year. I made this goal without knowing the challenges I’d face. And I think I came out of this hard year with my head held high. Oh, and we had the unexpected challenge of the Air conditioner breaking in June. I had the whole HVAC system replaced – air, furnace, air filters, duct work. My utility costs have dropped dramatically, and I think the air quality is better in here, but by golly, that was expensive!
  • Continue to build portfolio – Well, I’ve got a few articles and a new blog to show for some of my portfolio building. I have some new success metrics added to my resume. So yeah, I think this was a goal well achieved.
  • Unexpected accomplishments in the professional and financial realms? Well, for one thing, I managed to find and get a fantastic new job! It was a huge career move to go to a trusted online brand, it was a big deal to go to a company that really cares about health and well-being and balance, and it is truly a fabulous place to work. I enjoy going in to the office every single day. And as Brett observed, I always come home smiling.

What do you think?

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